Scottish Brand Revolutionalising Cashmere Worldwide

Winter might be behind us, but it's always a good time to analyse your wardrobe and see if you have the basic essentials and luxury goods to ensure you stay in style in all seasons.

Finding the right accessories is easier said than done, though. Layering up is necessary, but so is staying in fashion. This is where Edinburgh Cashmere comes in. Being one of the leading manufacturers and traders of 100% pure cashmere and100% pure lambswool in the UK, Edinburgh Cashmere offers luxury accessories like scarves, stoles, capes and blankets.

Edinburgh Cashmere Scottish brand

Edinburgh Cashmere has been in the industry for 12+ years and annually supplies millions of scarves to their customers in Italy, France, Spain and the UK. They are recognised globally for their efforts and products, having been featured in leading magazines like Vogue, Grazia, GQ and Tatler.

But what makes them so unique? They have completely revolutionised cashmere and lambswool worldwide and have been featured in multiple magazines in the UK and USA for their unique, innovative products, advanced technology and manufacturing process.

Let's take a look at how it all began and what the future holds for them.

Edinburgh Cashmere Scottish brand

How It Began

It all started when DC Singh, the founder and CEO of Edinburgh Cashmere, used his vision and turned his passion into a global brand. DC Singh established the brand in 2014 when he realised that Edinburgh was home to the largest number of cashmere shops in the world and quickly seized the opportunity. He intended to become one of the largest producers of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool and made it happen.

To date, he has produced over 1,000,000 high-quality pieces and completely redefined the fashion industry. He sources cashmere and lambswool from sustainable farms ensuring the quality and reliability remain consistent for years.

DC uses his bold and creative imagination to bring colour and unique designs into our wardrobe and ensure we remain highly chic throughout the year.

Edinburgh Cashmere Scottish brand

Homage to Scottish Origin

Another reason you should choose Edinburgh Cashmere for your luxury woollen goods and accessories is that they remain true to their roots and offer their users the beauty of the locality. Edinburgh Cashmere pays homage to its Scottish origin through its innovative designs and advanced manufacturing process.

As stated above, all raw materials are sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable farms. Offering a combination of tartans, solid colours and geometric patterns there is something to suit all tastes.

Edinburgh Cashmere Scottish brand

The Scottish brand is the result of 10 years of countless efforts to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of cashmere and lambswool in Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Edinburgh Cashmere has been featured in many magazines and is recognised worldwide for its DC Classic Check scarves, stoles, capes and blankets

Edinburgh Cashmere Scottish brand

Edinburgh Cashmere intends to open flagship stores in Edinburgh, London, Milan and Los Angeles in the near future.To enjoy the complete apparel line of Edinburgh Cashmere, shop from their website.