Edinburgh Cashmere: Where Purity Meets Fashion

Our Story

Over the past 8 years, we have become the largest wholesaler of scarves in the United Kingdom. Annually we supply more than a million scarves to our partners in Italy, France, Spain and the UK. The latest trends have seen tartan checked clothing rise in popularity, creating a lucrative opportunity in growth for Edinburgh Cashmere.

Est. 2008        1 Designer       Worldwide Delivery

One of the biggest manufacturers and wholesalers of lambswool and cashmere in the UK and Europe – having produced over 1,000,000 high quality pieces to date. Back in 2008 the founder of the company recognised that Edinburgh was home to the largest number of cashmere shops in the world

Edinburgh Cashmere’s  focus has always been on quality. Edinburgh Cashmere’s high-end designs are created with only the finest cashmere available.