Cashmere Scarves Designer Luxury  Brand 

Scottish Cashmere Brand is one of the biggest manufacturers of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool in the UK. We have over 12+ years of experience producing luxury woollen clothing items that help you stay warm, comfy and stylish throughout the year. Scottish Designer Cashmere brand is an industry-leading brand in cashmere and lambswool specialising in scarves, capes, stoles, and blankets. The brand has made significant headlines in the fashion world and have been featured in leading magazines like Vogue, Grazia, GQ and Tatler for their high-quality products.

Edinburgh Cashmere uses advanced technology to bring its vision to life and give its woollen clothing items the care and attention they deserve. Let's examine its manufacturing process and how its factory produces luxury goods.

From Raw Materials To Luxury  Cashmere Goods 

Shearing And Sorting

Edinburgh Cashmere sources cashmere and lambswool from sustainable farms and ensures the quality and reliability remain consistent for years. The wool is collected and the fine fibre is gathered by hand-combing or shearing. Then, our artisans use their expertise to sort the fibre based on its fineness, colours, and origin.


To ensure high quality is maintained throughout the process, we clean the sorted fine fibres by washing them to remove impurities like dirt, dust, and grease. The resulting yarn is soft, smooth, and clean.

Drying And Dyeing

Once washed, our quality raw materials undergo the drying and dyeing process. Our drying process involves de-haring the fibres by removing the coarse hairs and detangling them to give them a fluffier look and feel. Moreover, unlike other manufacturers, we dye our fibres before weaving for the best results.


The Edinburgh Cashmere factory uses the woollen spinning process to convert their cashmere and lambswool fibres into a compact and durable yarn form that is easier to handle. The spinning process involves feeding the fibres into a machine and applying a little twist, ensuring no combing occurs during the process. This produces fine, soft, lofty threads perfect for luxury goods like scarves and stoles.

Wrapping And Weaving

The resulting cashmere and lambswool yarns are wrapped, drawn up through the loom, and weaved into the desired design. Edinburgh Cashmere is famous for its signature DC Classic Check design, which is unique, innovative, and pays homage to its Scottish heritage. At the Edinburgh Cashmere factory, we use different thicknesses and densities of threads to create a line of luxury woollen goods perfect for all year.

Final Treatment

To ensure the resulting fabric complies with our quality standards, it undergoes an extensive finishing and inspection process involving the following methods:

  • Brushing
  • Fulling
  • Teaseling
  • Drying
  • Steaming
  • Setting

The final fabric is cut, labelled and inspected before packing.

Where Purity Meets Fashion

Now that you know the extensive and advanced technology utilised in Edinburgh Cashmere's manufacturing process, you can rest assured that the resulting fabric is of high quality and made from the finest fibre available. Enjoy the feel of luxury with Edinburgh Cashmere's 100% pure extra fine cashmere and 100% pure extra fine lambswool.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of Edinburgh Cashmere's values. We have worked with natural, renewable, biodegradable cashmere wool fibres and strive to reduce our environmental footprint every year. The factories that we work with have over 100 years of experience. We are one of the world famous fibre manufacturers in Scotland.

We are committed to ensuring the well-being of the animals at the source of our cashmere fibres and protecting the environments in which they live. We are working hard to further reduce our carbon emissions.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or selecting a thoughtful keepsake gift for a friend, Edinburgh Cashmere's collection is more than affordable and comfortable, it also reflects our enduring commitment to sustainability.

The factories that we work with have worked with natural, renewable cashmere fibres for more than 100 years, and we understand that cashmere's soft, hypoallergenic properties are ideal for customers. Cashmere is also temperature regulating, so it will keep the customers cosy without the risk of overheating. Wrinkle-resistant and never scratchy, cashmere is also easier to care for than you might think. Its natural anti-bacterial quality means Cashmere fibre clothes need less washing than those made with other materials.

With a degree of care and attention, our Edinburgh Cashmere products will last for many years. Due to the ever changing collection, there is no one size fits all instruction to care for our designs. To ensure the longevity of Edinburgh Cashmere pieces, please check the label for details of fibre composition and product care.

Edinburgh Cashmere

From Scotland to the World: How Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Redefines Luxury

In the heart of Scotland, where rolling hills meet dramatic landscapes, stands a revolutionary cashmere brand, one that embodies the essence of luxury and craftsmanship. Its name is Edinburgh Cashmere.

At its core, Edinburgh Cashmere is a prestigious brand known for its cashmere and wool scarves. Its classic designs, exceptional quality, and artfully blend of traditional Scottish tartans with modern styles make it highly sought after by those who appreciate both heritage and fashion.

In the article, we uncover the fascinating evolution of Edinburgh Cashmere from its inception to its present-day eminence. Join us on this expedition, where we explore not just the brand's origin but its meticulous manufacturing process, its unwavering commitment to quality, and its diverse range of exquisite offerings.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Scottish Brand Origins of the Designer Brand

Scottish brand Edinburgh Cashmere's story starts with one man's passion for creating a luxury fashion brand that could elevate Scotland's natural wool industry to a worldwide sensation. His name is DC , and he is more than an entrepreneur. He is a visionary who left his home country in SCOTLAND, to create an empire.

DC, was well-acquainted with the garment business from a young age, having worked in the bustling, vibrant marketplace of the subcontinent. With his firsthand experience dealing with customers and suppliers, DC gained the kind of business savvy that could not be taught at school.

Most importantly, DC learned the most important rules of sustaining a profitable business: nothing trumps a laser focus on superior quality and dedication to clients. With this knowledge and his artistic flair, he moved to Scotland with nothing more than his determination, drive, and passion.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Origins of Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere

On his arrival in Scotland, DC discovered an intriguing gap in the Scottish cashmere market that had the potential to become a multimillion-pounds business. For centuries, Scotland had been manufacturing cashmere and lambswool garments. However, there was no Scottish cashmere brand synonymous with "luxury scarves" or "designer scarves."

In fact, he noted that when customers would go into stores asking for cashmere or Scottish scarves, they hardly ever named a brand. Moreover, DC found the prevailing designs lackluster. There was no creativity or innovation. Weaves were either traditional tartan or plain colours that felt too conventional to catch a fashionista's eye.

DC realised that with his fashion-forward style and business acumen, he had a remarkable opportunity to establish a cashmere brand that would be more than a fabricator of extra fine 100% wool. It would be a Fashion Week design brand with eye-catching designs whose name would be on the lips of any customer looking to buy cashmere or lambswool. And so, in 2008, Edinburgh Cashmere was born.

Edinburgh Cashmere

 Top Selling  World  Wide Luxury Designer Scottish Brand

From the moment Edinburgh Cashmere was founded, DC embarked on a journey to establish strong business relationships with suppliers and find the ideal location to set up shop. Thanks to his charismatic personality and in-depth industry expertise, DC Singh was able to secure his supply chain and acquired a 250-year old mill to make Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere goods.

To ensure every piece exiting the factory was up to a premium standard, the mill was updated with the latest machinery for precision manufacturing. Moreover, DC sat down with industry masters and artisans to develop and perfect a 30+ fabrication process to create a cashmere and lambswool weave that felt like silk on the skin.

This attention to detail paid off because now Edinburgh Cashmere is celebrated for its luxurious, lightweight cashmere scarves that come in various designs and colour, appealing to a wide range of customers.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Manufacturing and Designs of Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere

The design and manufacturing of wool scarves by Edinburgh Cashmere involves a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. Here's an overview of the process and key factors associated with wool scarf production to fabricate luxurious, high-quality, 100% pure cashmere and lambswool.

It is important to note that Edinburgh Cashmere uses a mix of artisanal workshops and larger commercial manufacturers. Artisanal workshops often emphasise handcrafted, small-batch production, while commercial manufacturers may have a wider reach.

Regardless of the location, Edinburgh Cashmere prioritises sustainable and ethical practices, including responsible sourcing of materials and environmentally friendly production methods.

Edinburgh Cashmere

1. Material Selection

Scottish brand Edinburgh Cashmere uses the finest material. High-quality wool is sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring uniformity and quality among all its woven pieces for years to come. This includes different types of wool, such as lambswool, merino wool, and cashmere, which are used depending on the desired softness and warmth of the scarf, stole, blanket, cape, etc.

However, timing is everything because Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere only uses long hair material to make scarves, stoles, blankets, capes, and so on. Therefore, wool must be collected at exactly the right time of year to ensure the sheep and lamb coats are at their thickest.

Once sheared, the raw fibres are gathered, hand-combing, and sorted. Expert artisans go through each strand, judging fibre thickness, density, and colours before sending the bundles for cleaning.

Edinburgh Cashmere

2. Cleaning, Drying, and Dyeing

For a consistent weave pattern, wool fibres need to be thoroughly washed, cleaned, and conditioned to remove dirt, dust, and grease. Edinburgh Cashmere's comprehensive laundering ensures that each fibre is soft and smooth for a better overall finish.

Once thoroughly cleansed, this quality raw material undergoes an extensive drying and dyeing process. This stage involves dehairing the fibres in order to remove any coarse fibres hidden within the bundles and detangling the finer ones to ensure the final mass of fibres is as soft as can be. Before spinning, fibres are dyed as needed for specific designs.

3. Spinning

Within the factory, the pure fibres are spun by state-of-the-art machines that pull and twist them with precise speed and tension to create a yarn that is durable but still highly supple. Faster than humanly possible, these machines spin bundle after bundle to fabricate quality ultra-fine yarn – all made sustainably.

4. Wrapping, Weaving and Knitting

Now begins the weaving process that creates the designs that have made Edinburgh Cashmere a Scottish best-seller brand in the world. The dyed yarn is wrapped and drawn into a loom that creates the famous patterns and prints this Scottish designer brand is known for.

Scarves are either woven on traditional looms or knitted using modern machinery. For certain designs, hand weaving is also employed. Skilled craftsmen and craftswomen hand weave to create the fabric for the scarves, ensuring precision and quality.

It is important to note that depending on the final garment, different thicknesses, and densities of yarn threads are used to create pieces that not only look good but will stand the test of time.

 5.Final Treatment and Finishing Touches

While the weaving process may seem like the end of the manufacturing, this could not be further from the truth. Now begins the final treatment. After the fabric is woven or knitted, it undergoes finishing processes, including washing, brushing, and pressing to enhance softness and appearance. Scarf edges are fringed and hemmed for a polished look.

6. Quality Control

Edinburgh Cashmere

Reputable cashmere brands have strict quality control measures to ensure that pieces meet the highest standards of softness and luxury. The branding associated with these products is a reflection of their quality.

Therefore, to ensure each finished piece is perfect, quality control is a crucial step. Every inch of each scarf is inspected to ensure it meets the craftsmanship and design accuracy expected. For this reason, Edinburgh Cashmere Company, in Scotland, is known for its cashmere knitwear, including scarves that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs.

7. Most Designer Packaging and Branding

Scarves are packaged with care, each one branded with Edinburgh Cashmere labels and care instructions. Every aspect of the packaging reflects this Scottish fashion brand's identity and extra fine 100% pure quality.

Edinburgh Cashmere

8. Global Distribution World Wide

Finished wool scarves made by Edinburgh Cashmere (Scotland brand) are distributed nationally and internationally, as they are much sought-after accessories worldwide.

Qualities Made by Scottish Luxury Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Edinburgh Cashmere is renowned for its exceptional softness and luxurious feel. Several factors contribute to the unique softness and luxury of cashmere:

  • Scottish Designer Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Use Fine Fibre Diameter
    Cashmere wool is derived from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Compared to other types of wool, cashmere fibres are extremely fine, measuring only around 14 – 19 microns in diameter, resulting in the softest texture.
  • scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Makes Natural Insulation
    Cashmere fibres have excellent insulating properties. They provide warmth in the deepest of winter cold, keeping wearers warm without adding bulk. Unsurprisingly, Edinburgh Cashmere is famous for its outdoor wear and offers a range of woolen scarves featuring DC Classic, DC Check, and DC Scot patterns. These scarves are both functional and stylish.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere Exceptional Softness
    Cashmere fibres are naturally soft and smooth to the touch and do not have the coarseness or itchiness often associated with other less-quality wools. Therefore, cashmere is exceptionally comfortable against the skin.

  • Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Luxurious Feel:
    Due to the fineness and long length of its fibres, cashmere has a luxurious, silky feel. Remember, the longer the cashmere fibres, the smoother and softer the resulting fabric.
  •  Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Purity And Pilling Resistance
    As this Scottish brand uses the highest quality cashmere, its woven pieces are pure, free from impurities or coarser fibres. This purity reduces the likelihood of pilling, maintaining the softness and appearance of the fabric over time.
  • Warmth-to-Weight Ratio:
    Cashmere is incredibly warm for its weight. This means that cashmere garments can provide superior warmth while remaining lightweight, comfortable, and non-bulky.
  • Natural Oils
    Pure cashmere fibres contain natural oils that contribute to their softness. These oils help keep the fibres lubricated and soft over time.
  • Careful Processing
    Edinburgh Cashmere's intense cashmere production process, combing, cleaning, spinning, and weaving, is carried out with great care. This meticulous approach preserves the softness and luxury of the fibres.
  • Superior Craftsmanship
    Skilled artisans and weavers play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and softness of these cashmere products. Their expertise ensures that cashmere garments are crafted to the highest standards. No doubt,  Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere works with many local designers and artisans who create unique handcrafted scarves. These scarves often reflect the personal touch and creativity of their makers.

Due to these qualities, fabrications from Edinburgh Cashmere are considered among the most luxurious and sought-after in the world of fashion and textiles. Its softness, warmth, and luxurious feel make it a prized material for scarves, stoles, capes, blankets, sweaters, and other high-end garments.

One of Most Famous Scottish Cashmere Brand in The World 

Edinburgh Cashmere

As  Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere uses Premium Quality Material to Make Designer Scarves and other garments, its designs and patterns are unlike any other cashmere or lambswool manufacturer. This Scottish cashmere brand is well-tuned to the latest styles and, with DC Singh's watchful fashion eye, is even able to anticipate future trends.

Several designs are sought after by both local and international customers alike. While popularity can vary depending on personal preferences and trends, among the highest-demanded cashmere and wool scarf options from Edinburgh Cashmere are the DC Check, DC Classic, and DC Scot Scarves.

These perennially popular scarves often feature traditional patterns associated with specific clans and regions, offering cultural significance and heritage that is beloved.

Design and Creativity

Edinburgh Cashmere

The designers in Scotland draw inspiration from various sources, such as the natural beauty of the landscape and contemporary fashion trends. It helps them create unique scarf designs from traditional to DC Check, DC Classic, and DC Scot patterns while considering Edinburgh Cashmere factors like colour, pattern, and texture.

This creativity has given way to more than the classic Scottish tartan weaves. In fact, Edinburgh Cashmere scarves feature the DC monogrammed, jacquard, and reversible patterns of specific Scottish DC Classic, DC Check, and DC Scot. These are cherished by those with ancestral ties to Scotland as the scarves represent a deep connection to Scottish heritage.

World Famous Scottish Designer Scarves Pattern Creation

For Edinburgh Cashmere designer scarves, specific patterns associated with DC check, DC Scot, DC classic, and other regions are woven into the fabric. Contemporary designs involve intricate patterns, colour combinations, and even custom prints.

Moreover, as wool scarf production by Edinburgh Cashmere combines the country's rich textile heritage with contemporary design sensibilities, it results in a wide range of scarves that reflect both tradition and innovation, appreciated by fashion enthusiasts for their quality and style.

Scottish Luxury Scarves Extra Fine 100% Cashmere Pieces

Edinburgh Cashmere only uses premium quality material for each of its cashmere pieces. The complete collection is given below.

Edinburgh Cashmere

DC Classic Design

  • DC Classic cashmere poncho
  • DC Classic cashmere wrap
  • DC Classic cashmere stole
  • DC Classic cashmere throw
  • DC Classic cashmere blanket
  • DC Classic cashmere cape
  • DC Classic cashmere oversized scarf
  • DC Classic cashmere scarf
  • DC Classic cashmere scarves

DC Cashmere:

  • DC cashmere poncho
  • DC cashmere wrap
  • DC cashmere stole
  • DC cashmere throw
  • DC lambswool blanket
  • DC cashmere cape
  • DC over cashmere oversized scarf
  • DC cashmere scarf
  • DC cashmere scarves

DC Scottish Heritage Design

  • DC Scot cashmere poncho
  • DC Scot cashmere wrap
  • DC Scot cashmere stole
  • DC Scot cashmere throw
  • DC Scot cashmere blanket
  • DC Scot cashmere cape
  • DC Scot cashmere oversized scarf
  • DC Scot cashmere scarf
  • DC Scot cashmere scarves

DC Check Design

  • DC Check cashmere poncho
  • DC Check cashmere wrap
  • DC Check cashmere stole
  • DC Check cashmere throw
  • DC Check cashmere blanket
  • DC Check cashmere cape
  • DC Check cashmere oversized scarf
  • DC Check cashmere scarf
  • DC Check cashmere scarves

Designer Scarves Extra Fine 100% Pure Lambswool Pieces

Edinburgh Cashmere's lambswool collection is just as impressive, making it an equally formidable Scottish lambswool brand. Similar to its cashmere collection, the lambswool range also includes a variety of colours, designs, and styles for every aesthetic. The complete range is given below.

Edinburgh Cashmere

DC Classic Design

  • DC Classic lambswool poncho
  • DC Classic lambswool wrap
  • DC Classic lambswool stole
  • DC Classic lambswool throw
  • DC Classic lambswool blanket
  • DC Classic lambswool cape
  • DC Classic lambswool oversized scarf
  • DC Classic lambswool scarf
  • DC Classic lambswool scarves

DC Lambswool Design

  • DC lambswool poncho
  • DC lambswool wrap
  • DC lambswool stole
  • DC lambswool throw
  • DC lambswool blanket
  • DC lambswool cape
  • DC oversized lambswool scarf
  • DC lambswool scarf
  • DC lambswool scarves

Edinburgh Cashmere

 Scottish Heritage DC Designs Scarves 

  • DC Scot lambswool poncho
  • DC Scot lambswool wrap
  • DC Scot lambswool stole
  • DC Scot lambswool throw
  • DC Scot lambswool blanket
  • DC Scot lambswool cape
  • DC Scot oversized lambswool scarf
  • DC Scot lambswool scarf
  • DC Scot lambswool scarves

Luxury Lambswool Design Scarves 

  • DC lambswool poncho
  • DC lambswool wrap
  • DC lambswool stole
  • DC lambswool throw
  • DC lambswool blanket
  • DC lambswool cape
  • DC oversized lambswool scarf
  • DC lambswool scarf
  • DC lambswool scarves

Top Selling Scottish Luxury Cashmere brand Global Reach

Edinburgh Cashmere

Scottish Brand Edinburgh Cashmere, with its long heritage in cashmere, offers DC Classic, DC Scot, DC Check, and elegant scarf designs that reflect Scottish craftsmanship. In less than two decades, it has extended its reach across the globe. Many of its pieces are regularly featured in some of the most relevant international fashion publications of our age, such as Vogue, GQ, Tattler, and Grazia.

Moreover, this global popularity has helped DC Singh set up flagship stores in Edinburgh, Milan, London, LA, and, most recently, Japan. Unsurprisingly, Edinburgh Cashmere is making headlines wherever it goes, garnering attention in new markets. The connection is clear:

  • Scotland Designer Brand Cashmere 
  • Scotland Luxury Fashion Brand Cashmere  

Even retailers that carry a wide range of scarves, including DC Classic, DC Check, DC Scot, and contemporary designs, find it a popular choice for both locals and international tourists from the USA, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, France, and more.

However, this consumer market is just one side of Edinburgh Cashmere. Thanks to its focus on quality with sustainability, environmental consciousness, and ethical practices, this cashmere manufacturer also supplies high-quality fabrications used by luxury design houses in Europe and the US. Additionally, with exclusive merchandising deals with Premier League football clubs, Edinburgh Cashmere has found an avenue to bring high-quality wool products to the sports arena.

With so much accomplished, up is the only way for Edinburgh Cashmere, and DC Singh has big plans for his Scottish brand. He continues to increase his network of suppliers and partners, pushing his incredible empire to grow even more.

Scottish Designer Brand Edinburgh Cashmere Successful 

Edinburgh Cashmere

Edinburgh Cashmere has evolved from a visionary's dream to a globally recognised brand. DC Singh's unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and creativity has propelled this Scottish gem to the forefront of the fashion world.

From its factory housed in a historic Scottish mill to flagship stores in fashion capitals around the world, the popularity of cashmere and wool scarves by Edinburgh Cashmere reflects not only the practicality of this top Scottish brand but also its cultural significance and timeless style.

Indeed, the story of Edinburgh Cashmere is not just a tale of threads and fabrics. It is a riveting expedition that encapsulates the spirit of innovation, the allure of luxury, and the elegance of Scottish craftsmanship.

To learn more about this fascinating brand and explore its offerings, visit its official online store today! When shopping for scarves in Edinburgh Cashmere, you'll find a wide selection, ranging from traditional luxurious fashion to contemporary designs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

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