Winter Cashmere Scarves for Men

When it comes to luxury textiles for men, nothing stands out for its luxurious refinement like cashmere. At Edinburgh Cashmere, we take great pride in our 100% pure extra fine cashmere and 100% pure extra fine lambswool luxury scarves, stoles, capes, and blankets, and our latest collections showcase the timeless appeal and superior craftsmanship that our authentic Scottish cashmere brand is known for. From classic designs to modern innovations, our selection is fabricated to meet the demands of discerning individuals seeking the best style and function.


Cashmere Scarves By Designers


Join us as we take a closer look at the origins and qualities of cashmere, as well as the unique styles we offer to elevate your winter wardrobe. Learn how you can wear and care for our exclusive cashmere scarves for men, and discover how Edinburgh Cashmere is redefining the world of luxury fashion. 

Origins of Cashmere

Cashmere fibre originates from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, whose wool is known for its exceptional softness and warmth. This luxurious material has been prized by men and women for centuries, with historic roots tracing back to ancient Mongolia and China, where the fibre was first collected and processed. Over time, the use of cashmere expanded worldwide, becoming a sought-after textile for its lightweight, insulating properties.

Our Scottish cashmere has gained much acclaim for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship in line with this centuries-old heritage. Thanks to its favourable climate and skilled artisans, the Highlands are an ideal location for cashmere production and have aided us in creating some of the finest cashmere scarves for men in the world.

Traditional Cashmere Manufacturing 

At Edinburgh Cashmere, we honour Scotland’s long and distinguished history of cashmere manufacturing by basing our manufacturing centre in a 250-year-old mill. Even as we continue to expand through Europe, with manufacturing facilities in Italy and France, we are committed to a thorough process that begins with carefully selecting high-quality raw cashmere fibre. Our artisans are meticulous in ensuring the purity and fineness of the fibre to produce luxurious, durable products.

This raw cashmere undergoes a series of steps, including washing, carding, and spinning, that prepare the fibres for weaving while preserving their delicate integrity. Our cashmere is renowned for its fine designs and finishing techniques that expertly knitted this material into world-recognised designs worth over £50 million and include:

  • Women’s and men’s cashmere designer jumpers and merino wool sweaters 
  • Exclusive designer sweaters in cashmere and wool for women and men
  • New designer cashmere scarves made in Italy
  • Luxury designer collection of cashmere scarves made in France   
  • Designer cashmere stoles made in France  
  • Women’s designer stoles made in Italy 
  • Exclusive designer scarves and women’s and men’s accessories 
  • Exclusive DC Classic scarves, DC Scott scarves, DC Check scarves and EC scarves
  • New luxury cashmere capes made in Italy  
  • Exclusive luxury collections of capes, including the DC Classic capes, DC Check capes, DC Scott capes, EC capes 

Throughout the process, we uphold the strongest commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that the cashmere they produce is of the highest quality and sourced responsibly. This dedication to tradition, quality, and ethics sets Edinburgh Cashmere apart and contributes to its global reputation as a premier choice for luxury cashmere scarves.

Designer Cashmere Scarf Charm


Cashmere Scarves for Men

While wool and cotton are common materials for men’s scarves and luxury designer sweaters, cashmere stands out for its superior qualities. Wool, while warm and durable, is prone to feel scratchy against the skin, and while fabrics like cotton are softer and more breathable, they lack the insulating properties necessary for cold weather.

Our cashmere is the best of both worlds, offering exceptional softness, warmth, and lightweight nature, making it the perfect choice for men’s scarves, jumpers, and sweaters during the winter months. The fine fibres of this premium material provide a luxurious feel against the skin, offering unparallelled comfort. Yet, despite this lightweight quality of a mere 140 g, cashmere is still incredibly effective at providing warmth and insulation, keeping you cosy in chilly weather without adding bulk.

Edinburgh Cashmere: Fashion Favourite

Our dedication to providing the finest luxury goods in the fashion industry sets us apart as a premier choice for those seeking style and exclusivity. Undoubtedly, our 100% pure extra fine cashmere and 100% pure extra fine lambswool luxury scarves, stoles, capes and blankets have proven to be fashion darlings. Stealing the hearts of fashion’s most influential, our world-famous designs have repeatedly been featured in the fashion magazines GQ, Grazia, Vogue, and Tatler in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, France and Italy. This recognition is not bought but earned through our deepest dedication to quality and superior craftsmanship.

Moreover, with such goodwill, our commitment to providing our clients with premium designer luxury goods and the most exclusive designs in the fashion industry has fuelled our efforts further. Edinburgh Cashmere is creating history in the luxury, designer fashion world by offering an array of exclusive pieces that include:

  • Ladies’ bags in pure leather and designer bags for women made in France
  • Women’s jackets, women’s jumpers, women’s shoes and women’s handbags made in Italy
  • Designer jewellery made in France featuring designer bracelets, designer earrings, and designer necklaces

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Edinburgh Cashmere, our entire range promises the same high quality our luxury brand is coveted for. 

Elegant Luxury Wool Scarves
Italian Luxury Wool Scarves

Colours of Cashmere Scarves for Men

Choosing the perfect cashmere colour can elevate your style and reflect your mood or the look you want to achieve. Here’s how men can select the right cashmere colour for different occasions and moods:

  • Neutral Tones for Versatility: Neutral tones like grey, black, and navy are timeless and versatile. These woven pieces can easily be paired with other colours in your wardrobe and are exemplary for creating a classic, sophisticated look. Similarly, earthy tones such as brown and beige offer a warm, understated elegance that complements a variety of outfits.

  • Bold Colours for a Statement: Vibrant colours like red and burgundy can make a bold statement and add a touch of energy to your look. They pair well with neutral outfits to be the focal point. Rich colours such as deep plum and royal blue can also exude confidence and style, making it an excellent choice for those who want to stand out and add a pop of colour to their ensemble.

  • Subtle Pastels for a Soft Touch: Contrary to popular belief, soft pastel shades such as light blue and pink are not just for women. These gentle hues bring a refined touch to your look, perfect for creating a fresh, youthful appearance. Likewise, tones like lavender and lilac add sophistication and can be paired with neutrals for a balanced look.

  • Seasonal and Trendy Colours: You can choose colours that match the season. For fall, rich tones like olive green and mustard yellow work well. For winter, consider deep shades like forest green and charcoal grey.

Ultimately, choose a cashmere colour that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Your personal preference should guide your choice, as your favourite colour can boost your mood and complement your style. Experiment with different colours and combinations to find the best fit for your personality and style. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold colours, or soft pastels, our collection holds a cashmere colour for every style and occasion.

The Versatility of Cashmere Scarves for Men

Cashmere scarves for men offer a versatile and stylish add-on that can elevate any winter outfit. The elegant drape and refined appearance of cashmere add both sophistication and grace to both casual and formal ensembles. Available in a broad spectrum of colours, patterns, and designs, our cashmere scarves can be worn in numerous styles, as explained below.

DC Classic Scarves

DC Classic scarves are timeless in design, featuring solid colours as well as subtle patterns. These scarves are versatile and can be styled in various ways:

  • Simple Drape: Drape the scarf around your neck with both ends hanging evenly in front. This casual style is suitable for everyday wear.
  • Loop: Fold the scarf in half, place it around your neck, and gently pull the loose ends through the loop. This style offers added warmth and a classic, refined look.
  • Double Wrap: Wrap the scarf around your neck twice, letting the ends hang in front. This cosy style is perfect for colder days.
Quality Cashmere Scarves

DC Scott Scarves

DC Scott scarves feature the traditional clan patterns of Scotland, also known as tartan, a unique interwoven plaid. With a distinctive Scottish flair, these scarves add character and style to your outfit with a few simple variations:

  • Over-the-Shoulder Drape: Drape the scarf around your neck and let one end hang over your shoulder. This style showcases the pattern and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Casual Wrap: Wrap the scarf around your neck once, letting both ends hang in front, one higher than the other. This relaxed style works well with casual and smart-casual outfits.
  • Knotted Style: Tie the scarf in a loose knot at the front, with one end falling over the other, creating a focal point for your outfit. This stylish approach works well with a blazer or coat.

DC Check Scarves

Featuring classic chequered patterns, DC Check scarves offer a bold and sophisticated look. Here’s how men can wear them:

  • Loose Wrap: Wrap the scarf loosely around your neck and let the ends hang unevenly. This casual style highlights the pattern and adds flair to your ensemble.
  • Knot and Drape: Tie a loose knot at the front and drape one end over your shoulder. This stylish look is perfect for pairing with a tailored jacket or coat.
  • European Loop: Fold the scarf in half, place it around your neck, pull the loose ends through the loop and tuck underneath to hide the ends. This polished style complements both casual and formal outfits.

EC Scarves

The EC scarves bring refined elegance with a contemporary touch, featuring subtle patterns and textures. These scarves can add a modern appeal to your look using the following styling options:

  • Asymmetric Wrap: Wrap the scarf around your neck once, leaving one end considerably longer than the other. Drape the longer end over your shoulder for a stylish, asymmetrical look.
  • Layered Drape: Wrap the scarf around your neck twice and adjust the ends to create a layered, voluminous drape. This bold style adds a contemporary edge to your outfit.
  • Back Drape: Drape the scarf around your neck and let both ends hang down your back. This avant-garde approach is perfect for making a statement and standing out in a crowd.

Proper Care and Maintenance

While fabricated to last, you can ensure the longevity and quality of your Edinburgh Cashmere scarves through proper care and maintenance. Cashmere scarves for men should ideally be hand-washed in cool water with a gentle washing detergent formulated specifically for delicate fibres. Gently agitate the scarf in the water without wringing or twisting. One clean, rinse the scarf thoroughly in cold water until the water runs clear, ensuring all detergent is removed.

Never wring or hang the scarf, as this may cause stretching. Instead, gently press the towel to absorb the moisture, then reshape the scarf and lay it flat to dry away from direct sunlight. If you prefer not to hand wash your cashmere scarf, take it to a professional dry cleaner experienced in handling delicate fabrics.

Once dry, fold your cashmere scarves neatly to avoid stretching or misshaping. Store them in a cool place out of direct sunlight and moisture. As cashmere is susceptible to moth damage, consider using moth deterrents such as cedar or lavender sachets in your wardrobe to protect your scarves.

Scottish Designer Cashmere Brand


Indulge in Authentic Luxury

Our winter cashmere scarves for men are more than just accessories. They are investments in quality and timeless style. At Edinburgh Cashmere, we are committed to providing you with the finest luxury goods, expertly crafted to ensure lasting comfort and elegance.

Visit our only online cashmere shop to explore our latest designs and limited-edition collections to find the perfect cashmere piece to elevate your winter wardrobe. Order today and enjoy free shipping and a complimentary signature Edinburgh Cashmere gift box and gift bag.

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