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In the world of fashion, few items possess the rich cultural heritage and enduring allure found in Scottish scarves. These accessories go beyond mere clothing—they're storytellers, each bearing unique patterns that honour clans, and landscapes or fuse modern elements with traditional aesthetics.

These scarves, steeped in the legacy of the land and the lineage of clans, are not just mere accessories; they are artefacts carrying stories of bygone eras. A glance at these scarves reveals more than a blend of colours and patterns; it uncovers a tapestry of tales—some honouring ancestral clans, others paying homage to the rugged landscapes of Scotland, while a few embrace contemporary expressions that gracefully interlace with age-old traditions.

Edinburgh Cashmere, the epitome of luxury, stands as the official brand for designer goods. The brand proudly offers a new collection of designer luxury goods, meticulously crafted in Italy. The women's collection, exclusively made in Italy, includes handbags, jackets, jumpers, and shoes.

Here are some of our top design wool scarf trends that remain timeless and exude elegance.

Bruce of Kinnaird Clan Scarf

A testament to the rich heritage of the Bruce Clan, this scarf embodies the legacy of its namesake family. Revered for its unique patterns and colours, the Bruce of Kinnaird Clan Scarf is intricately woven hues of deep blues, vibrant greens, and golden yellows. Beyond being a mere accessory, this scarf serves as a symbolic tribute, encapsulating the very essence of the Bruce lineage. Each carefully woven thread resonates with the courage, pride, and spirit of the Bruce family, reflecting their historical significance in the annals of Scottish history. Adorning oneself with this scarf is not just about fashion; it's a gesture of honour—a nod to the distinguished heritage of the Bruce Clan that remains etched in the fabric of time.

Buchanan Tartan Scarf

Steeped in the legacy of the Buchanan Clan, the Buchanan Tartan scarf is an enduring symbol of pride and tradition. Its vibrant plaid pattern, boasting bright yellow, forest green, and passionate red hues, speaks volumes about the valour and noble heritage of the Buchanan Clan. This tartan isn't merely a fashion statement; it's a living emblem of Scottish history. Through generations, it has remained a cherished symbol, echoing the resilience, courage, and indomitable spirit of the Buchanan Clan. Wearing the Buchanan Tartan Scarf isn't just about wrapping oneself in a piece of fabric; it's a heartfelt connection to the clan's enduring legacy—a tribute that transcends time, celebrating a heritage steeped in valour and pride.

Black Watch Tartan Scarf

Enveloped in the classic Black Watch Tartan pattern, this scarf speaks volumes with its array of deep greens, navy blues, and blacks. Its time-honoured design evokes an air of sophistication and remains a versatile favourite embraced by both men and women. The scarf's enduring appeal lies in its ability to effortlessly complement various outfits, whether as a casual accessory or a stylish addition to formal wear. Its timeless elegance transcends trends, making it a cherished staple in Scottish scarf fashion.

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Royal Stewart Tartan Scarf

A vibrant symbol of Scottish heritage, the Royal Stewart Tartan scarf bursts with bold reds, rich blues, and bright yellows. It embodies a deep sense of patriotism and tradition, often worn with pride to honour Scottish roots. Its eye-catching design and lively colours make a bold statement, echoing the legacy of its storied lineage. This tartan is not just a piece of clothing; it's a heartfelt tribute to Scotland's vibrant culture and history.

MacLeod Tartan Scarf

This tartan scarf blends bright yellows, greens, and blues, reflecting the MacLeod Clan's legacy. Rooted in the clan's history on the Isle of Skye, its vibrant tones pay homage to the landscapes that shaped their heritage. The scarf exudes a sense of pride and belonging, symbolising the spirit of the MacLeod Clan. Its striking appearance resonates with wearers seeking a touch of history woven into their attire.

Gordon Dress Tartan Scarf

Infused with earthy tones of forest green, navy, and bright red, the Gordon Dress Tartan scarf exudes refined elegance. Its intricate pattern exudes sophistication, making it an esteemed choice for formal occasions. This scarf gives a sense of prestige and dignified style, resonating with those who appreciate the heritage and grace of Scottish design.

Weathered Fraser Tartan Scarf

Inspired by the Fraser Clan, this scarf boasts a muted blues, greys, and brown palette, offering a subtle yet distinctive appearance. Its weathered, vintage aesthetic adds a unique charm, appealing to individuals seeking a more understated yet refined look. The scarf pays homage to the clan's legacy while subtly capturing attention with its timeless appeal.

Modern Plaid Cashmere Scarf

Combining traditional tartan motifs with contemporary designs, these scarves bring forth vibrant colours or unique variations of classic patterns. They inject a fresh, modern twist into Scottish scarf fashion while honouring heritage. These scarves cater to diverse tastes, offering a fusion of tradition and innovation for those seeking a unique and stylish accessory.

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Scottish Landscape Print Scarf

Some scarves showcase stunning prints of Scotland's picturesque landscapes—rolling hills, serene lochs, and historic castles. These scarves serve as artistic expressions, celebrating Scotland's natural beauty in a contemporary manner. They adorn wearers and convey the beauty and allure of Scotland's landscapes to the world.

Our design of wool scarves, each with its own story and design, contributes to the diversity and charm of Scottish scarf fashion. Whether rooted in clan history, celebrating landscapes, or embracing modernity, these scarves offer wearers a unique way to connect with Scotland's rich cultural heritage.

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Why Edinburgh Cashmere?

Made in France Elegance

  • The allure continues with a new women's designer collection, skillfully made in France.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere's worth surpasses 50 million, earning it the status of a Scottish designer iconic brand globally.
  • A rich history unfolds as Edinburgh Cashmere establishes its mark in the designer and luxury fashion realm.

Exquisite Manufacturing

  • Exclusive designer scarves and women's accessories are Edinburgh Cashmere's forte.
  • Manufacturing in Italy and France, the brand brings forth a range from scarves to jackets, all exclusively designed.
  • Cashmere jumpers, wool sweaters, and Merino wool sweaters showcase high-end quality and premium materials.
  • Limited edition designer pieces for men and women, featuring top designer brands, are a testament to Edinburgh Cashmere's commitment to exclusivity.

Luxury Unleashed

  • Edinburgh Cashmere's official website,, serves as the sole platform for acquiring exclusive designs.
  • Popular collections like DC Classic, DC Check, DC Scott, and EC Classic Design are showcased, affirming the brand's fashion dominance.
  • The luxury scarves, a highlight in fashion weeks, are manufactured in a prestigious 250-year-old mill.
  • Only the official Edinburgh Cashmere produces the exclusive scarf designs, with a diverse collection recognized by leading fashion magazines.

Experience Heritage with Edinburgh Cashmere

For those eager to embrace the rich cultural heritage of Scottish scarves, Edinburgh Cashmere invites you to explore their curated collection. Edinburgh Cashmere emphasises that their designs are the most exclusive in the fashion industry.

Each blog highlights the unique Edinburgh Cashmere scarves, made from 100% pure extra-fine cashmere and lambswool. Scarves, weighing a comforting 140g, are complemented by a signature gift box and bag with every order.

Edinburgh Cashmere's prominence extends to features in renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, Grazia, and Tatler across the UK, USA, Italy, France, and Japan. Exclusive Edinburgh Cashmere designs are only available through the official website, featuring DC Classic, DC Scott, DC Check, and EC Classic Design. The brand continues to lead the fashion industry, showcasing the biggest collection of designer scarves, unparalleled in exclusivity.

Discover the allure of historical designs like the Bruce of Kinnaird Clan Scarf, or immerse yourself in the vibrant heritage of the Buchanan Tartan Scarf. Edinburgh Cashmere ensures quality craftsmanship and an authentic experience, offering a glimpse into Scotland's esteemed scarf traditions. Wrap yourself in the history and pride woven into each scarf and celebrate a tradition that continues to captivate the world.

Explore the Edinburgh Cashmere collection today and experience the timeless elegance of Scottish scarf heritage.

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