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When it comes down to iconic plain wool accessories, Edinburgh Cashmere remains an unparalleled choice. This brand has been globally recognized for its unique and exclusive wool accessories like scarves, stoles, blankets, and capes. When shopping for plain wool accessories, most buyers' biggest concern is quality. Edinburgh Cashmere does not rely on third parties to manufacture wool accessories. You can find a stunning collection that gives you the warmth you need here. To help you make the right choice, we have covered some interesting details about popular plain wool accessories below.

Build Your Style Statement With Plain Wool Accessories

Quality wool accessories are easy to find if you visit Edinburgh Cashmere. You can find an exceptional variety of Lambswool scarves, capes, blankets, and stoles to suit your luxury fashion needs. Let's find out the accessories you can find at this quality brand.

Quality Plain Wool Scarves

The plain wool scarf collection at Edinburgh Cashmere offers exceptional quality and style to everyone. You can find varieties of scarves for males and females based on your preferences. What makes them stand out in the competitive fashion market is 100% pure, extra fine Lambswool. You can buy them in a blink without worrying about the quality.

All scarves are manufactured in a 250-year-old brand-owned mill, efficiently meeting the exclusive demands of scarf users across the UK and other regions. Depending on your styling goals, you can explore options from DC Check, DC Classic, DC Scott, and EC Classic Design.

Edinburgh Cashmere aims to combine luxury fashion with your warmth needs in winter using plain wool accessories. Feel free to explore a wide range of scarves to make a perfect selection.

Iconic Cashmere Scarf Designs

Official Scottish Cashmere Timeless Designs

Premium Scarf And Stole Set

Elegant Plain Wool Stoles

Another important plain wool accessory that most women prefer in winter is a stole. Wool stoles have an elegant appearance, allowing you to meet your styling goals without compromising the wool warmth. Whether you plan to hang out with your friends on a weekend evening or spend quality time with your family, plain wool stoles can be an impressive option.

The versatile Lambswool stole collection is manufactured in a state-of-the-art mill and can quickly win your heart. You can choose from vibrant or subtle colours based on your styling preferences. Each design reflects luxury combined with simplicity. You can also make your own style statement by mixing your stole with an elegant winter outfit.

We recommend visiting the online store and checking the available plain wool stole collection in various colours and designs to make a perfect choice for your next occasion.

Hollywood Fashion Cashmere Scarves

Luxury Scarves And Stoles For Winter

Chic Designer Scarves And Stoles

Luxury Plain Wool Capes

Plain wool capes have an exclusive market demand. They can quickly meet your luxury fashion demands in winter. What makes them an excellent choice is their relevance with a variety of outfits. You can wear pants and tops in your preferred colours and add a contrasting cape for a striking appearance.

Choose from plain and check designs to complement your dressing. Edinburgh Cashmere has a vast collection of capes manufactured with 100% pure Lambswool. Each piece reflects the finest weave.

If it is your first time considering plain wool capes, we recommend exploring the latest cape collection at the online store to build your own luxury fashion statement this winter. Feel free to check out different cape trends to make an informed selection.

Fashion And Celebrity Cashmere Wraps

Plain Wool Cape

Celebrity Designer Cashmere Scarves

Pure Plain Wool Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets can be your ultimate cosy choice for warmth in winter. They are ideal during the snowfall season when enjoying the views from your bedroom's couch. Despite many stores offering plain wool throws and blankets, only a few have pure Lambswool. Edinburgh Cashmere pays special attention to wool manufacturing, making the finest and purest weave for luxury winter fashion.

You can explore exclusive varieties of plain wool blankets at the store to meet your fashion goals. From vibrant colour options like red, green, pink, and yellow to subtle ones like beige and soft white, you can stick to any article you prefer.

With 100% pure wool throws, you can spend your snowfall season in the cosiest indoor setting. Wait for no further and check out the latest collection at the online store.

Red Carpet Fashion Week

Exclusive Designer Stoles For Women

Designer Women’s Cashmere Scarves

Why Consider Plain Wool Accessories?

Plain wool accessories are great for a range of benefits, making them a timeless fashion option for everyone. Here are a few reasons why you should consider them.

Warmth and Insulation

Plain wool accessories enable you to combine your fashion goals with winter warmth. A common challenge most people face in winter is that their preferred fashion does not meet their body-warming goals. This is where plain wool accessories can fill the gap, giving you an incredible opportunity to make your style statement without compromising the insulation.

Breathable Stuff

Wearing warm fashion accessories is great. However, some fabrics can be suffocating in indoor environments. With plain wool luxury fashion accessories, you can let go of this worry. They can help you keep up with your fashion goals anywhere you go.

Exceptional Durability

Pure wool is known for its durability. If you need winter accessories that meet your long-term fashion needs, plain wool scarves, stoles, and capes can meet your demands. They are highly durable and resistant to varying weather conditions.

Highly Versatile

Plain wool accessories are highly versatile. They can meet your fashion goals like none other. If you face difficulty deciding on your winter outfits, plain wool accessories can cut your search short. They can add value to any outfit despite their colour, style, and design.


Wool is a natural and renewable resource. It is a popular choice in the fashion industry for its eco-friendliness. You can achieve your sustainable fashion goals by wearing wool accessories in a variety of ways.

Shop Your Desired Plain Wool Accessories Today!

At Edinburgh Cashmere, you can meet your luxury fashion goals with plain wool accessories in a variety of ways. We recommend checking out our latest collection of scarves, stoles, capes, and blankets to make the perfect choice. Here is what you should know about our brand.

  • Edinburgh Cashmere has designer luxury goods for men and women
  • We have designer women’s collection (made in France)
  • All Edinburgh Cashmere designs are worth over 50 million
  • Our Scottish designer iconic brand is famous in Italy, France, USA, Japan, and China
  • Edinburgh Cashmere makes designer clothes for men and women
  • Edinburgh Cashmere manufactures cashmere jumpers
  • You can get limited-edition, premium material, exclusive design women and men’s cashmere jumpers
  • As the top designer brand made in Scotland, we offer free signature iconic luxury Edinburgh Cashmere gift box and bag (with free shipping)
  • We have exclusive designer sweaters of cashmere and wool for women and men

Visit our online store and dive into the world of luxury fashion like never before. Add your favourites to your cart and get them delivered to your doorstep. Please note that www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk is the only official website we have.

Additional Things to Remember

  • Exclusive Edinburgh Cashmere designs can only be purchased from this official website, DC Classic, DC Scott , DC Check and EC Classic Design.
  • Luxury designer scarves for women and men, Edinburgh Cashmere collection in fashion week- DC Classic, DC Check, DC Scott and EC Classic Design are the most popular designs in the fashion world.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere's luxury scarves are manufactured in a 250 year old mill.
  • Exclusive collection of scarf designs DC Classic, DC Check, DC Scott, EC Classic and EC Check are only manufactured by the official Edinburgh Cashmere.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere has the biggest collection of designer scarves.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere only sells 100% pure extra fine cashmere and lambswool luxury scarves.
  • Edinburgh Cashmere makes scarves weighing 140g making them more cosy and comfortable.
  • Complimentary signature Edinburgh Cashmere gift box and gift bag included with every order.
  • Our Luxury designer brand Edinburgh Cashmere has featured in fashion magazines Vogue, GQ, Grazia and Tatler in the UK, USA, Italy, France and Japan.

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