Edinburgh cashmere new store launch: The premium cashmere brand launches its flagship stores

Ready to shop trendy yet quality cashmere garments? You are at the right place! Edinburgh cashmere is launching its flagship stores in Edinburgh, London, Milan & Los Angeles.

Edinburgh cashmere is one of the best cashmere manufacturing brands that started its wholesale business in 2014 in UK & Europe. After establishing its footstep in wholesale market, Edinburgh Cashmere started its retail business in Cashmere garments in 2019.

Edinburgh Cashmere manufactures 100% pure cashmere products with unique colour patterns & designs.  Thus, they achieved current prestigious place in the cashmere industry in just few years. Their clothes have eclectic look that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Edinburgh Cashmere is a fashion brand, designing and producing 100% Pure Cashmere and Pure Lambswool Scarves, Stoles and Mini Capes. Their products come in several designs, including; Scottish Clan Tartans, Solid colours and Custom checks. Quality and the wearers comfort is their main goal. Therefore, they pay close attention to their products being made of the best materials and woven with precision, to deliver an experience that the customer will never forget.

They claim that they are proud to say Edinburgh Cashmere is the first to manufacture 135 clan cashmere scarf (www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk) and made over 500 different designs and tartans in cashmere & lambswool. Each Edinburgh Cashmere made scarf needs 6 to14 different colours and creating over 500 different tartans is a skilled and time taking task, more importantly without a single mistake. In 2019, Edinburgh Cashmere made their luxurious products available to its customers directly through its website www.EdinburghCashmere.co.uk

Their workers are highly skilled and have great knowledge to bring the best out of this luxury fabric – Cashmere. They are excellent in creating beautiful and exclusive designs with finest cashmere.

Edinburgh Cashmere is not just limited in manufacturing only Cashmere & Lambswool accessories for its own brand but it also worked for over 4 years to provide beautiful designs for a high-end luxury brand – DC Milan.

Their dedication and love for the craft allowed them to create the best in quality & superb designs that customers love to buy. They use only finest fiber to create their premium quality cashmere products in different colour palettes, designs, tartans etc.  Their garments are made with 100% pure cashmere that promise to keep you warm while you look your best. They specialize in manufacturing different designs of scarves, stoles, capes, mini capes, cardigans, pullover, mittens etc.

Checkout some of Edinburgh Cashmere's Luxury Cashmere Garments:

The material they use is selected carefully and the entire process is painstakingly meticulous to ensure that the final product is beautiful. They use 100% pure cashmere that gives a super soft feeling making it comfortable to wear and warm for those colder days.

They are especially concerned with the preservation of traditional craft, doing their utmost to ensure the conservation of these special, increasingly rare skills.  Best of all, their long-lasting quality products are made to last.

To shop Edinburgh Cashmere products please visit www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk

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